The Art of Effective Lead Generation @ Trade Shows

One of Mounia's specialties is helping her clients engage more effectively with their target audience and generate quality leads at international exhibitions and trade shows. Instead of focusing on quantity, the focus is on building authentic, quality relationships with trade show visitors, understanding their needs turning them into new potential customers.

Mounia's experience in live communications', people engagement and effective lead generation spans across a range of industries and clients including Philips, Terumo Inc, Windsor Global Inc, Stratoscale and many more. 

There are currently two options to work with you on optimising your trade show success:

Options include:

1) Strategic marketing/communications' advice 

Mounia will help you understand and develop your trade show marketing objectives, source the right team and brainstorm ideas of how you can make your trade show a success. Whether that's generating new leads or raising brand awareness. She will help you optimize your visitor engagement and support you in implementing your strategic plan.

2) On-site support & training

You have the option of hiring Mounia to support you with lead generation, representing and training your company directly on site (ie at trade show). As the expert in facilitating effective live communication and building authentic customer relationships she will help you fast-track your trade show success. Training & support includes:

- Body language, building rapport & using effective language

- Self-awareness through feedback & speed coaching (how do you come across?)

- Using emotional intelligence to understand the customer & connect authentically

- Psychological aspects of communication & engagement (e.g. active listening)

- Effective methods to proactively initiate contact with prospective customers

- Key questions to ask/qualifiying leads

- High performing teams: how to improve team effectiveness

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